Lanterna Online

Interactive Digital Textbooks for IB DP Schools

Lanterna Online Schools

Get your students engaged and involved

Deliver content in an inspiring, varying way by flipping your classroom. Engage your students with videos, texts, animations and get tests automatically corrected.

Get a clear overview of your students’ strengths and weaknesses without any manual input from you.

What is Lanterna Online?

Lanterna Online is an interactive digital textbook built to improve learning for students and allow teachers to focus on what they do best – teach! Plan your lessons with Lanterna Online and let your students engage with content in an interactive way. From text and videos to gaming elements and practice questions, you and your students will be able to get an overview of the strengths to build upon and the weaknesses to tackle.

Encourage independent study and exam skills

Interact with your subject
With text, videos, past exam questions and so much more, we offer a truly interactive experience to go beyond what the normal textbook can offer.
Access anytime, anywhere!
Students no longer need to lug around heavy books. Everything is accessible via laptop, tablet or smartphone.
Quiz battle
Students can challenge each other in a quiz game and at the same time improve.
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